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Guilherme Manteigas

Computer Science Student

I am enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in the software development industry.


Array Sorting Visualizer

An online array sorting visualizer.

Website Code
Array sort visualizer Image

DSC UOA Website

Website for the Developer Student Club University of Aberdeen.

Website Code
DSC Page Image

AUCS Website

Website for the Aberdeen University Computing Society.

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A javascript pixel art creator.

Website Code
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Falling Sand

A Python console game where you have to dodge falling sand.

FallingSand Project Image

Farm Life

A farm simulator writen in Java.

Farm Life Simulator Image


A Social network created for my college using PHP and MySQL.

IPSocial Project Image


A console game of Tic-Tac-Toe writen in C.

Tic-Tac-Toe project Image

Wakie Wakie

An android alarm app that I developed on my free time.

Wakie Wakie project image


A rating website for youtube videos made using Soap and Rest services using C# and ASP.Net.

YouRating project image

Bartender Game

A javascript game where you create cocktails at a bar.

Website Code
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What I've done so far

University of Aberdeen logo

University of Aberdeen

Bachelor of Science Computer Science, Sep 2019 - Ongoing
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Sandy Murray Prize (Awarded for the best mark in Computer Architecture)

▣ Web Application Development ▣ Programming for Sciences and Engineering ▣ Modeling and Problem Solving for Computing ▣ Understanding Data ▣ Computer Architecture ▣ Object-Oriented Programming ▣ Mathematics for Computing Science ▣ Introduction to Data Management for Data Sciences ▣ An introduction to Space Science and Remote Sensing ▣ Human-Computer Interaction ▣ Modern Programming Languages ▣ Algorithmic Problem Solving ▣ Mathematics for Science.

Developer Student Club University of Aberdeen logo

Google Developer Student Club University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Lead/Founder, July 2020 - Ongoing

• Founded the club in Aberdeen, recruited a core team and set up links with the University.
• Organized and presented bimonthly workshops on various technologies.
• Cooperated with other GDSC chapters and GDSC Leads around the world.

Aberdeen University Computing Society logo

Aberdeen University Computing Society

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
President / Vice President / Secretary, May 2020 - Ongoing

• Developed and maintained the society’s website and Minecraft server.
• Set up events such as hackathons, speaker sessions, workshops and socials.
• Cooperated with other university societies and the Student Union to run various events.

Aberdeen University Computing Society logo

Aberdeen University Artificial Intelligence Society

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Tech Officer / Secretary, May 2020 - Ongoing

• Organized hackathons, and speaker events.
• Ensured that all the technical parts of the various events ran smoothly.

Albatroz Digital logo

Albatroz Digital

Almada, Setúbal, Portugal
Android and iOS Development Intern, Feb 2019 - Jun 2019

• Applied Apple's Swift development language to code one native app for iOS platform.
• Applied Java development language to code two native apps for Android platform.
• Complied with all Apple App Store and Google Play's guidelines to provide rapid approval and deployment to retail channels.
• Tested applications prior to final review to guarantee efficient issue resolution.
• Mobile Applications developed:
      - Jogos do Futuro (Android & iOS)
      - Festival Liberdade (Android)

Instituto Politecnico de Setubal logo

Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

Setúbal, Portugal
Technological Specialization Course In Information System Technology, Sep 2017 - Jul 2019

Bolsa De Estudo Por Mérito (Awarded to the 13 best students of the university)

▣ Algorithms and Programming Fundamentals ▣ Elements of Mathematics I ▣ Technical English ▣ Introduction to Web Programming ▣ Computational Logic ▣ Databases ▣ Elements of Mathematics II ▣ Forensic Computing ▣ Object-oriented Programming ▣ Web Programming ▣ Business Management and Organisational Behaviour ▣ Mobile Application Programming ▣ Service Integration and Programming ▣ Visual Programming ▣ Information Systems Project

Instituto Hidrografico logo

Instituto Hidrográfico

Lisbon, Portugal
Information System Intern, Mar 2016 - Jul 2016

• Developed and implemented a digital version of the List of Lights using ArcGIS and Oracle.
• Successfully implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the building.
• Developed an online shop using the CMS OCPortal.
• Aided in day-to-day problems, assisting other employees with technical problems.